Substitute candidate

In European elections a substitute candidate may be, but does not have to be, named for each candidate. A party or association entitled to nominate a candidate may completely refrain from naming substitute candidates or it may submit a list naming substitute candidates for only some of the candidates.

Substitute candidates have to be nominated by the same procedure as main candidates, this means an assembly of party members or an assembly of party delegates has to select them in a secret ballot by name and position on the list. If the main candidate has been elected, they, too, are regarded as elected under certain conditions and are eligible for a seat. In accordance with the nomination of successors from the list, they shall become members of the European Parliament if the main candidate for whom they have been named as a substitute drops out.

There are no regulations on substitute candidates for Bundestag Elections.

Legal bases

Sections 9 (2), 10 (3), 12 (3), 24 of the European Elections Act (EuWG)

Last update: 1 January 2015