News of the Federal Returning Officer

January 22, 2015

Report of the Constituency Commission submitted

As required by law, Roderich Egeler, Chairman of the Constituency Commission and President of the Federal Statistical Office, handed over the Constituency Commission’s report for the 18th legislative term of the Bundestag to Ms. Rogall-Grothe, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior on 22 January 2015.

The Constituency Commission has the task of reporting changes in the population figures in the electoral area and to show whether and which changes in the division of the electoral area into constituencies it considers necessary (Article 3 (3) of the Federal Electoral Law). Submitting its report, the Constituency Commission as an independent body of experts that is not subject to directives prepares the ground for the decision of the Bundestag on the delimitation of constituencies for the subsequent Bundestag election.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior will forward the report of the Constituency Commission to the Bundestag immediately and publish it in the Federal Bulletin, the central organ of official publications of the Federation. In addition, the parliament will publish the report as a Bundestag printed paper.


Addition of 10 February 2015

The report of the Constituency Commission was published as Bundestag printed paper 18/3980 (only in German).