Press releases about the Bundestag election 2013

Older voters have growing influence on election result

People entitled to vote who were 60 years and over accounted for more than one third of potential voters at the 2013 Bundestag Election already. Electoral participation was also above average in that age group compared with others. In view of the demographic development “this means that older voters’ influence on the election result is growing”, Federal Returning Officer Roderich Egeler stressed at a press conference in Berlin today on the results of representative electoral statistics for the elections to the 18th German Bundestag of 22 September 2013.

As many as 61.9 million citizens had been entitled to vote in the 2013 Bundestag Election, almost half of them 30 to 59 years old. With 21.3 million, the generation from the age of 60 had more than twice as many potential voters as the younger generation below the age of 30 years, which accounted for 9.8 million or just under one sixth of all people eligible to vote.