Bundestag election 2013

Elected candidates


Political party Seats Diff. on 2009
CDU 255 +61
SPD 193 +47
DIE LINKE 64 -12
GRÜNE 63 -5
CSU 56 +11

For reasons of data protection, the Federal Returning Officer may not publish personal data of elected candidates on the internet anymore (Section 86 (3) of the Federal Electoral Regulations).

Comprehensive information on the elected candidates as well as analytical tables are contained in the print edition of our issue “Magezine no. 3: Endgültige Ergebnisse nach Wahlkreisen” (Final results by constentuencies). At a price of 18 euros plus shipping costs, it can be obtained directly from our distribution partner (order no. 1051103-13900-1):

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